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The right question to ask is "Why river flows are dropping worldwide?".

Cities water consumption, crop irrigation or Climate Change are part of this question, but on the other hand, why forests don't need any watering at all, and are flush with water?

Would switching most food production to agroforestry do any change to water usage?

Keeping lots of green cover on land, be it a food agroforest or not, means constant or increased carbon sink and, by the way, it provides additional use to cattle manure and a way to prevent nitrogenous polutants ending up in rivers and coastal waters.

It means agrobusiness needs to go beyond Organic (see Syntropic Agriculture), to source organic matter locally with green cover, and not sourcing it using fossil fuels half world far and underground.

Conclusion: current crop production methods usually breaks the local soil ecology and disrupts its water cycle, creating conditions to rainwater to easily becaming runoff water that depletes organic topsoil, clogging and flushing nitrogenous compounds into rivers.

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