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Plastic free products used to be sub par quality products sold in odd shops, used only by hippies, but now there are companies like http://www.anihanalife.com making products that are superior to their plastic alternatives and selling in mainstream shops like Target, and in the case of NZ, also supermarkets.

It's been interesting to see how supermarkets in nz have reacted to this. Initially it seemed like a bit of an experiment, but when it turned out that people liked the product, supermarkets started allocating more space to plastic free products and having a bigger range of brands.

This goes to show how important it is to vote with your dollar in the supermarket and other shops. As consumers, we also have the power to enact change.

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The packaging industry needs to change and single use plastic bamned. It does feel hopeless sometimes as individuals though.

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Yes, it does feel hopeless as individuals, but it does feel hopeful with responsible governments. Single use plastic needs to be banned for our survival.

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