What does plastic rocks mean in the long run?
Recent reports find toilet paper guilty of containing 'forever chemicals'. Apart from this, it plays a big role in fueling climate change
How humans pay when wildfires and climate change force animals to migrate
Only when ecosystem losses are reserved will wildlife Collapses come to a halt

February 2023

With nations refusing to take serious climate actions, experts believe the situation will ultimately degenerate to humanity fighting over food and water
Multinational companies always pledge to keep greenhouse gas emissions in tune with the Paris global warming targets. Why do they break their promises?
The rise of plant-based foods may have positive ramifications in the future.
Plastics appear everywhere, but by 2040, the challenges from plastics would be huge.

January 2023

Reports say a new El Nino takes place in 2023, but this could worsen the climate situation, based on the repercussions of past El Ninos.
The appointment of a climate activist and worsening conditions of the Amazon could bring hope to solving an urgent problem
It is the logical conclusion following the figures related to the harm caused by animal-based foods

December 2022

Numerous studies predict extinct of species, if humanity doesn't change its ways towards fossil fuel consumption. If it doesn't, future children will…