What happens to Africa if the 1.5C global warming level is breached within five years?
Over the past few weeks, tales of a possible future pandemic from viral spillovers abound in the media. Read to find it out how it could play out.
The population of bees suffers from a decline in Europe and North America. The solution may come from an unlikely source - Africa. Read to find out how.
Scientists from many countries protested against institutional indifference to climate change. How does this play out in some countries?
A new study on air pollution recently got published. But does it foretell the future in any way? Read to find out.
Read about places where things don't seem as they should be
Do heatwaves get recorded in developing countries? Read to find out.
Climate change impacts on people in coastal areas of Nigeria in many ways. Here is one pertaining to health, and it's important, especially as the…
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